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Tax Depreciation Reports

From $500 + GST (1 bed flat)

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Discover how to maximise your investment property by paying less tax.

Save app $100,000.00 on the value of your Property

What is a Tax Depreciation Schedule?

Under the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) tax legislation, if you have a property that generates income, you are eligible to claim depreciation of the building, fixtures and fittings in the form of a tax depreciation schedule. This amount is offset against your taxable income so you pay less tax and that means more money in your pocket.

You can benefit from a  Tax Depreciation report when investing in:

  • A New Property
    Construction of a new building or purchase a new property
  • An Existing Property
    Purchasing an existing property
  • Renovation and extension to Existing Property
    The renovation work or extension work can be carried out by yourself or by a previous owner

Examples of deductions available

Here is the range of actual deductions based on previous projects. The tax depreciation benefit available will vary greatly based on different building types, its purpose, the year in which it was built, and quality of the finishes and fixtures.

Property Type Purchase Price 1 Year Depreciation 1-10 Year Accumulated Depreciation
1-Bedroom Apartment $411,00 $13,000 $80,000
2–Bedroom Apartment $540,000 $17,000 $110,000
3–Bedroom Unit $360,000 $12,000 $79,000
3–Bedroom Residential house $420,000 $14,500 $105,000
Old Property with Renovation $410,000 $7,000 $43,000

From only $423 +GST

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