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New Building and Home Inspections

Want to get the most out of your investment?

At House Inspections Geelong our independent qualified Inspector will undertake pre hand over inspections on your behalf, in order to ensure that all the construction work on your new home is carried out to the high standards you expect. New home inspections also send a message to your builder and the site supervisor that someone is looking after your interests insofar as the quality of the build is concerned. We are also able to compile tax depreciation schedules for tax purposes on an investment property.

When purchasing a new property, the building is well past the stage where progress Inspections could take place. In cases such as this, we recommend that you have a pre handover inspection prior to the final payment being made to the vendor. Inspections like this ensure you can move into your new home in the Geelong area with peace of mind. It is often too late to successfully rectify any unseen defects that may require intensive repairs, once payments have been made and the final handover completed.

During the new home inspection, our inspector will identify any faults or defects that must be rectified at the builder’s expense prior to the final handover of your property in the Geelong area. Any such issues will be detailed in a written report along with a list of appropriate actions to be taken by the builder to correct the issues. This written report can also be passed on to the builder so that the appropriate actions may be undertaken.

A new home is probably one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. Contact House Inspections Geelong for an expert inspection so that you can be confident that your investment is a sound one. With over thirty years of experience in the building industry, we have the kind of specialist knowledge and structural understanding of a home that a layperson simply doesn’t have. Make sure your house is inspected by the experts. Call us to day for an obligation free quote on a new home inspection in the Geelong area.

So don’t delay any longer – contact House Inspections Geelong Services today!

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