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About us

Meet Ken at House Inspections Geelong

House and Building Inspections Geelong Services is the premier Building Inspection company in the City of Geelong and the surrounding district areas.

All of our Inspectors have had at least 30 years experience within the building industry and so have particular knowledge as to the defects  and other construction damage that would not be immediately apparent to the inexperienced eye.

The Building Inspections we undertake on your behalf are carried out with the sole aim of making sure that the house your purchase has no hidden problems. Not only are we looking for existing structural and possible inherent damage but we also take into consideration the possibilities of future damage that may result from any nearby construction.

During our Termite (Pest) Inspections, we only use the latest technology to detect any Termite infestation. These include Detection Radar, Thermal Imagery and Moisture Sensors which are only used by fully qualified and experienced Termite Inspectors.

You know that you want to purchase the property – you just don’t know if you are “purchasing” any further hidden  problems at the same time and if so, their hidden cost!

So don’t delay any longer – contact House Inspections Geelong Services today by telephone at  0499 655 470 or send us an email to


A House Inspections Geelong takes the stress away from your purchase!

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