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Combined Building and Pest Inspections

Pre-Purchase Building and Termite Inspections - 2 in 1!

When you book a combined building and pest inspection for a property in the Geelong and Armstrongs Creek areas, you will have joined numerous other satisfied clients who have reaped the benefits of having two inspections carried out at the same time. All of our combined pest and building inspections are carried out by two fully qualified inspectors working together throughout the inspection process.

First of all, a pre-purchase building inspection provides you with the security you need, concerning the structure of your building. One of our building inspectors will examine your entire property in the Geelong area, including internal and external walls, roof cavity, subfloor cavity, external roof, tiling, gutters, eaves and indeed any other outbuilding that may be present.

As far as the termite building inspection is concerned, never forget that insurance companies do NOT offer cover against damage to property which may be caused by termites! 

Unfortunately, new brick houses which may be built on a concrete foundation, are just as susceptible to invasion by termites and other pests as those more established wood frame structures. With only a required space of less than 2 mm, termites are able to invade the property under the eaves, through a ventilation space or even through a loosely fitted downpipe. The resulting damage to internal walls can be catastrophic.

Our Pest Inspections include:

  • The use of the latest moisture sensors, detection radar and thermal imagery so that our inspector will be able to immediately identify any termite infestation could be present in your building.

  • All of our building inspections are carried out in strict compliance with the Australian Standard 4349.3. We are authorised to carry out Pest Inspections, having completed and been certified in Certificate 111 in Pest Management, Units 8 & 10 from TAFESA (CPPPMT3008A & CPPPMT3010A).

  • With a dedicated process and an eye for detail, we help property-buyers learn more about their potential home.

  • There is a 24 month termite management program available. 

Our Pre-purchase Building Inspections include:

  • Internal Structural Building Inspection – this is conducted by one of our building inspectors in the kitchen, bathroom and toilets, laundry room, bedrooms and of course the main living areas of the property in the Armstrongs Creek and Geelong region. The inspection encompasses doors, windows, skirting boards, architraves, tiling, stairs and even carpets and decorations throughout the property.

  • External Inspection - this involves a detailed inspection of all walls, lintels, windows, decking and also includes the water heating system, patio and drives along with any garage roller doors.

  • Roof Cavity Inspection - this will include one of our building inspectors examining roof framing structures as well as any internal insulation.

  • Roof Exterior Inspection – this is where one of our building inspectors will look closely at roof tiles, any metal roofing, gutters, downpipes, eaves, valleys, events, flues and flashings of the property in the Geelong region.

Remember, once our inspectors have completed their job, they will telephone you immediately with the preliminary results of both inspections. This will be followed up by detailed written reports including photographs of any affected areas. Our 2 in 1 package surveys are excellent value. Why not call Ken today on 0499 655 470 to arrange your 2 in 1 Building and Pest Inspections with House Inspections Geelong.

So don’t delay any longer – contact House Inspections Geelong Services today!

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