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Maintenance Period Inspections

What are Maintenance Period Inspections?

Under your Building Contract, your builder is required to return to the property at a specified period after you have taken possession of the property (usually 30 or 60 days – refer to your contract) to repair or replace any substandard materials or workmanship that has been identified during this period.

A list of defects or property maintenance issues is required to be presented to the builder.

Let a House Inspections Geelong Independent Inspector undertake the Maintenance Period Inspection for you. We will categorise defects into an easy-to-read and understandable report, identifying the items that are regarded as poor workmanship and substandard materials. This report can then be provided to your builder.

What Defects or Maintenance Items there are in your New Home?

During the 3 Months’ Maintenance Period, defects that arise with the property, in most cases, must be fixed by the builder. Generally, defects and problems are found while the property is being built. Some issues, however, can arise once an owner have moved in and used the building for a while. Some post-handover defects might involve doors and windows that don’t open or close properly, movement in fixings or floor panels, or cracks appearing in walls and surfaces.

Some problems, such as paint peeling or cracks in grout can also be covered by the Maintenance Period Warranty. Once damage has been found, it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that defects do not become worse.

Why Do I Need A Property Maintenance Report?

New home owners are entitled to have defects rectified by the builder that built the property if the defect is deemed to be a result of poor materials or craftsmanship. This can also take into account any warranties offered by the provider of these materials. Once this maintenance period has expired, the cost of repairing defects and damages falls to the owner of the property. For this reason we recommend new owners make sure they know the date their Maintenance Period expires and has prepared a report of all issues accordingly. This helps resolve issues without cost to the owner.

A Maintenance Report covers all the areas in a Final Handover (PCI) inspection. An inspection looks for defects that could become long-term problems or costly fixes in the future. Before a Maintenance Period Inspection starts, new home owners are encouraged to express any particular concerns about property maintenance issues before the inspection, no matter how small.

Geelong House Inspections can provide a Maintenance Report regardless of which company built the property within your Maintenance Period. We can also work with properties regardless of whether we have conducted any prior inspections.

So don’t delay any longer – contact House Inspections Geelong Services today!

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