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  • I am buying a brick built house on a concrete slab. Surely I don’t need a Pest Report?
    We are sorry but – you do. You see Termites and other such species only need a 2mm gap to squeeze through and contaminate your property. These gaps could be through damaged mortar or cracked bricks; eaves or ventilation areas and even drainpipes. By skipping this test for the sake of a couple of hundred dollars, the possible undetected infestation could cost you thousands instead.
  • How much will your service costs?
    You will be interested to learn that it is not as expensive as you might think. For as little as $300 we can undertake a full Timber Pest Inspection whilst a full Building Inspection starts at $540. Check our pricing here.
  • How soon should I arrange my inspections?
    Obviously the sooner the better. If you are about to make an offer on a property to purchase, it would be ideal if you can arrange the inspections before submitting your offer. If not, then make your offer “subject to” satisfactory inspection results – your legal advisers will be able to help you on the exact wording.
  • Can I be present during the Inspection and what would happen if I am not there?
    We will arrange access to the premises with the agent or vendor and you are most welcome to attend. However we would like to point out that our Inspector has to undertake a very detailed analysis and in depth reporting procedure and it is often in everyone’s interests if any discussions are left until this process has been completed. Should you not attend, don’t worry as we only have your interests at heart.
  • What happens if you find any major defects during your Inspection?
    This is something you should discuss further with your legal advisers as there will be several options available to you. These might include re-negotiating the purchase price, asking the vendor to put right any defects or even withdrawing from the purchase all together.
  • Can you help if I need a report urgently?
    Of course we can. We can provide a next day service in most areas of Geelong and then telephone you with our outline findings as soon as the inspections are completed. We would follow this up with the full written report within 24 hours.
  • How do I pay for my Inspections?
    Payment is through a Direct Debit Bank Transfer with bank details on the invoice. You can even pay our Inspector cash on the day of the inspection.
  • How can I be sure your Inspector is sufficiently qualified to undertake my Inspections?
    Our chief inspector Ken has lived in the Geelong area all his life and therefore has in depth knowledge of the types of houses there are, along with the methods of construction. He has been in the building trade for over 30 years. Ken has held Building Licence No - DBU-5831 since 1993 and has built hundreds of houses. House Inspections Geelong Services operate in accordance with all applicable Australian Standards. We hold the appropriate Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance. We are authorised to carry out Pest Inspections, having completed and been certified in Certificate 111 in Pest Management, Units 8 & 10 from TAFESA (CPPPMT3008A & CPPPMT3010A). With a dedicated process and an eye for detail, we help property-buyers learn more about their potential home.
Image by Константин Маманович
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