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Rental Minimum Standards Inspections

When looking for an investment property it becomes vital to have inspections performed to ensure the property environment meets minimum rental standard checks before moving into it. Professional inspectors know what to look for and can swiftly deduce what issues might exist and how they may affect your living situation long-term.

At House Inspections Geelong Services, our team of expert inspectors possess the necessary skills and knowledge to narrow down the house environments problem areas that might’ve not been made public. We conduct thorough investigations of every aspect of your potential rental home to ensure the property is meeting minimum standards and more. This will allow you to make a decision that will be the most beneficial to you when choosing your Geelong home rental.

How Can Our Inspections of Minimum Rental Standards in Geelong Benefit You?

By having a professional perform inspections on your preferred home to check whether it meets minimum rental standard environment requirements, you can then be rest assured when deciding on a property. There are a number of advantages to making minimum standards a mandatory practice when browsing through rental properties, for instance:

  • Unveiling Hidden Flaws: Sometimes, most investment houses can possess some damage that has been glossed over or are simply unknown. In such cases, hiring an inspector to ensure the Geelong rental property meets minimum standards can allow you to unearth flaws that were hidden and how they might incur costs for a buyer in the future. Our team of professionals know how to expertly investigate every small corner of a home to make sure it is a viable option for you.

  • Pest Infestations: A significant concern for many buyers is how there might be pest infestations in their potential homes. With the help of our inspectors, you can rest assured that we are well-equipped to uncover any pests that might’ve burrowed in a corner of the property. For such situations, it is crucial to adhere to mandatory minimum rental standards when debating whether to hire a Geelong inspector to properly check every corner. (Note: Pet Inspection is at an additional cost).

  • Future Repairs: By employing professionals to thoroughly investigate your desired rental property, they can assess where you might require repairs in the future and if the home is following the mandatory minimum rental standards. Not knowing the potential future costs can trouble a buyer eventually when they learn of it later.

  • Gain Leverage: With the help of our expert inspectors, should we uncover any damages, infestations, and other liabilities, you’ll be able to gain leverage when acquiring your preferred rental real estate. With the necessary information, you can pursue negotiation talks with the seller to bring the set price down from its original cost. Especially, if a rental property isn’t meeting the mandatory minimum standards set by the Australian government.

  • Prevent Buyer’s Regret: Professional inspectors aim to ensure that you do not feel the buyer’s regret after purchasing real estate. With extensive minimum rental standards checks, you can rest assured that you will be making an informed decision with your desired Geelong property.

What Other Ways Could Our Geelong Team’s Inspections Assist with Mandatory Minimum Rental Standard Checks?

At House Inspections Geelong Services, every professional inspector has at least three decades worth of experience in the building industry. They are well-versed in carrying out meticulous, mandatory checks of rental properties’ minimum standards so you can be confident about your new living space.

Additionally, our team of experts utilise advanced technology (i.e., detection radar, thermal imagery, and motion sensors at an additional cost) to identify any potential pest or termite infestations in the property. Following the investigation, after 24 hours, we provide an extensive report, including photographs of damaged areas, so you can make a decision favourable to your preferences. Finally, it is essential to note that we carry indemnity insurance to protect every client’s best interests for every project.

Choose House Inspections Geelong Services for Your Mandatory Minimum Rental Standard Checks!

Our team of professional inspectors establish clear lines of communication to build trust and ensure to keep clients updated with their project’s progress every step of the way. Connect with our highly experienced team today at 0499 655 470 or send an enquiry to our friendly Geelong inspectors for any questions or concerns you might have about mandatory minimum rental standard checks regarding your preferred property. Or book an inspection right away!

From the 29th of March 2021, the Victorian Government enforced minimum rental standards for all rental properties in an effort to create a fairer, safer system for all Victorians.

This means that all Residential Rental Providers (RRPs) must make sure a property meets the minimum standards on or before the day a renter moves in.

What are the minimum rental standards?

The standards follow themes of health, safety, amenity, and energy affordability.

The areas of assessment include:

  • Structural soundness

  • Locks

  • Bins

  • Toilets

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchen

  • Laundry

  • Ventilation

  • Mould/dampness

  • Windows and window coverings

  • Heating

  • Lighting

As well as the Government mandated Minimum Rental Standards Inspection which includes a written report including corresponding photos, we can also carry out a full Rental Inspection, which includes the Minimum Rental Standards as well as a full internal and external inspection listing defects in all the rooms and hallways, external paths, driveways, gutters, foundation and cladding structural damage etc.

This is a great inspection that should be carried out every three years to check on the condition and structural condition of your investment.

So don’t delay any longer – contact House Inspections Geelong Services today!

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