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Property Inspections in the Geelong, Lara and Torquay Areas

Are you astute enough to notice those covered up defects that the seller does not want you to see?

Let our highly experienced, fully qualified house inspection services
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Our Pest and Building Inspections Services

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections for your Peace of Mind

Before you buy your new home, it pays to be certain that there are no additional or hidden costs or possible unseen defects that the seller might not want you to see! Our Geelong property inspections will identify any such problems. Our professional report, complies with Australian standards, and provides a comprehensive overview of any defects or damage present in your potential investment. 

Termite and Pest Building Inspections with Advanced Technology

We use the latest detection radar, thermal imagery and moisture sensors to identify any termite damage and/or infestation that may be present in your timber home. We will immediately contact you with results and follow up with a detailed report including photographs of any affected areas. We also offer a 24-month termite management program.

New Home Inspection

Have you built, or are you in the process of building your own new house? Then you need a pre hand over house inspection in order to ensure that all the construction work on your new home is carried out to the high standards you expect.

Tax Depreciation Reports

Make sure you are getting a good return on your investment property by having one of our experts complete a depreciation schedule. This report will allow you to claim tax deductions on your house in the Geelong area, as well as for fixtures and fittings.

Completely Independent property inspection

We work only on your behalf to ensure that you get a complete, unbiased property inspection and subsequent inspection report on your entire property that will reveal any defects or infestation. You will then know exactly what sort of building you propose to purchase.

Rental Minimum Standards Inspection

From the 29th of March 2021, the Victorian Government enforced minimum rental standards for all rental properties in an effort to create a fairer, safer system for all Victorians.

This means that all Residential Rental Providers (RRPs) must make sure a property meets the minimum standards on or before the day a renter moves in.

We're Fully Insured

We carry the most comprehensive Indemnity Insurance possible in order to protect your interests.
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