GPP Property Group

Buyer Advocacy

When looking for an investment property it is integral to consider many factors. GPP Property Group provide a step by step service designed to take the worry and time out of investing. After an initial meeting, we get to work sourcing and researching possible investment options. You will then receive weekly updates and referral properties until the right property is secured. We assist with negotiating, building inspections, sourcing finance and pre-settlement details. We ensure a smooth and secure process, and can take on the time-consuming elements of sourcing an investment property.

Seller Advocacy

Selling your house can be a tricky process. Negotiating fair terms that protect you along the way is important. GPP Property Group can negotiate with various agents on your behalf, working to help you achieve the best price possible, and helping you avoid costly mistakes along the way.

Bidding at Auction

GPP Property Group can attend and bid at Auctions on your behalf, and assist you with accurate price advice leading up to and on the day of the auction, giving you with support and security throughout your decision making process.

Property Appraisals

How much is your property worth? GPP Property Group can help you answer this question, to allow you to move forward with your property options accurately.

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